COVID-19 has impacted our Furball family, so we are taking a break from Dog Camp for the time being.

We'll update you once we're ready to get back out there with your pups.

Thank you for your understanding.


Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare is now taking overnight reservations for the 2020 holiday season!


Private. Supervised. Enclosed. Outdoors.

Dog Camp at Point Molate is a 15,000 square foot outdoor facility for your dogs to enjoy coastal and hillside adventures. Furball Fitness welcomes dogs for daytime daycare in addition to overnight boarding. Your dog will have a blast camping with us while adventuring along the Bay's beaches and most beautiful hillsides, just beneath Mount Tamalpais.

Our puppy play land has pools, turfed areas, shade structures, jungle gyms, and other amenities for the dogs to play on; all enclosed by 8 foot fence paneling (for your jumpers of the world).

For those pups with good recall - dog, do we have a treat for you! Only yards from the shoreline, your pup will run on wooded trails, in addition to wave jumping in the ocean! Picture a Point Isabel/Albany Bulb coastal vibe. They'll get a taste of both experiences - hiking in the field AND supervised play time within our facility's enclosure, which, in and of itself, provides ample space for the dogs to run wild IN the wild.



Dogs who Camp will stretch their legs amid the 500 acre campus of Point Molate; exclusive entry featuring stunning views and ocean-front access.


Experienced staff will keep your dogs safe while out and about. Our 10:1 dog to human ratio ensures a personal touch that goes a long way in developing trust.


Even our parking lot is enclosed! Designed with intention so that all dogs can get some outdoor time without parents worrying about escapees.


The best part! Your dog will spend most of their time in the great outdoors. Nature's therapy! Come enjoy Bay Area's very own doggie sanctuary.

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FREE Dog Camp Pack* AND 10% off your first reservation!

*Overnight bag, doggie towel, collapsible bowl, bone, and ball.


Weight Requirement

Sorry, littles, but there is a 20 pound minimum for these adventures. Furball Fitness wants to be extremely safe about this. There is definitely wildlife wandering the area; mostly deer and turkeys, but of more concern, birds of prey. Our worst nightmare would be if one of your littles got scooped up by a hawk. For your reference - the land is comparable to Point Isabel/Albany Bulb but just more private. Therefore, the absence of humans has resulted in the animals' more uninhibited emergence. It is their habitat after all!

Disease Prevention

Due to the outdoor component most prominently featured at this facility, all dogs must be on an ingestible (not topical) flea and tick repellant to attend Dog Camp at Point Molate.

Additional Vaccinations

Although not compulsory, at the discretion of the owner, additional vaccination precautions include but are not limited to:

Lyme vaccine

Lepto vaccine (wild animal urine contamination)

Rattlesnake vaccine


Dog Camp is situated within a private, gated community about three (3) miles from the freeway exit. Follow the instructions below to find our event.

Use any GPS service to navigate yourself toward this address:

2100 Stenmark Drive

Richmond, CA 94801

Once you exit off of the 580W freeway toward Point Molate, use these written directions to guide you the rest of the way. You'll also start to notice strategically-placed paw prints along the road. Use them as your guide!

Having now exited, you'll come to a fork in the road. Look for a Dog Camp sign, leading you to the left.

You are now on Stenmark Drive. You will take this road all the way to the end. Literally! Check out the map for frame of reference.

Continue on Stenmark Drive until you come to the entrance of Point Molate Beach Park on your left hand side. Do NOT enter the parking lot/staging area. This is NOT your final destination. This is your first landmark. You're on the right track!

Keep driving. You'll eventually come to a stop sign. On the left, you will see a beautiful castle-like building on the water. On the right-hand side, there will be a large sign that says "Bay Crossings". It'll also have the address of "2100 Stenmark" on it. Landmark number 2! You're doing great!

Drive through this intersection and continue along Stenmark Drive. You'll see retired military barracks on your right. Keep on going...

You'll eventually come to another fork in the road - the intersection of Stenmark Drive and Drowley Drive. A rifle range is situated to the right. Again, veer to the left.

From here, follow the paw prints!!! We've created a mini-map along the road to finish guiding you the rest of the way. You're basically going to continue on this same road all the way around, hugging the shoreline until you come to our welcome gate.

A staff member will greet you at the entrance to provide access and guide you toward our parking areas.

If you get lost or need assistance, call/text (510) 545-2546.

How did this happen?

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare has evolved from a fledgling dog walking route into a beautiful brick and mortar dog daycare facility in Oakland. We've been working tirelessly to improve upon our operation in bringing dogs and humans exactly what they want, and Dog Camp at Point Molate (in Richmond, CA) is the latest iteration of this dog project!

Having professional experience in both the dog walking and daycare formats, owner Sheri Villa had only one qualm about transitioning into a facility - less outdoor time. That was the whole reason for starting this business - to avoid being confined to a desk all day, every day. It goes without saying how much the dogs love the outdoors!

Sheri began brainstorming how to make the dream of a "dog ranch" a reality. Making connections within the dog community is THE reason this is all happening. One of Furball Fitness' first clients has followed our evolution and is such an ardent supporter that he offered to carve out a piece of his property up north just for your Furballs! It's an amazing opportunity that we couldn't let pass us by.

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare

(510) 545-2546 |

1239 E 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

630am - 7pm

Furball Fitness Dog Camp & Daycare

(510) 545-2546 |

1239 E 12th Street Oakland, CA 94606

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday

630am - 7pm